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We shape solutions.

We developed our approach to tackle the growing complexity of projects: design and engineering are fully integrated and related to each other and to our customers.

Every project is a challenge we face with innovative design solutions.

Every project is a challenge we face with innovative design solutions.

We use design to explore project limits and turn them into innovative solutions, offering a balanced combination of clever aesthetics and improved functionality optimized for production with focused engineering.

We follow the whole process, from the product idea inception to its mass production thanks to our decades old experience, time-tested process management and suppliers' synergy,


In over 20 years of experience, with more than 300 projects delivered, we partnered with global companies, small brands and emerging startups. We shared our passion for turning ideas into tangible solutions with genuine care and consideration.


We have built a network of long-term partnerships with customers, suppliers and consultants providing the most qualified services always in step with the latests industrial design trends, earning a trusted reputation in our area of expertise.

We Design and Deliver top-notch solutions aiming to maximize the return on your investments.

Stanley water pump sketch
industrial designer working on a concept design

Design + Engineering.

We develop and test product ideas, prototype and define samples following all the validation process. It’s our expertise.

Benchmarking And Analysis
Product Test
Opportunities Evaluation
Concept Design
Samples Validation
Mass Production Startup

Our process management.

Project Management is at the core of every process and project allowing us to keep control over activities, coordination between internal and external stakeholders, manage flawlessly licensor validation steps.

Project Planning
Business Plan Development
Supplier Evaluation
Team Activities Coordination
License Validation Management

computer screen with planning schedule

We help you lead you business in the right direction. Contact Us.

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